• Super-soft, deep pile and totally lint-free, Put them on and clean delicates . Dimensions 5.5 Inch height inside the glove and overall glove length is 7 Inch. Max width on top is 5.5 Inch
  • Provides a gentle wash action , ez to use , great for dusting, wiping, getting between cracks. For Best fitment insert your hand diagonally so that middle finger hits the corner.
  • Unique Improved 2 sided, Noodle Fiber for even better cleaning
  • PERFECT for washing (improved 2 sided ), drying and dusting vehicles, boats, rv, motorcycles, ATVs etc.
  • Can be used WET or DRY! Wet for washing; Dry for dusting and cleaning your car interior .


How would you like to be able to wipe over dirt in your house and have it gone? Get in the nooks and crannies and get all the dust out? Wipe down your blinds and get them clean with less stress? Wash your car with less work because you don’t have to keep getting more soap and water? The Mopslik Super Cleaning Multi Mitts can do all of that. The long chenille fingers get into places a cotton cloth can’t reach. Microfiber has a “magnetic” quality that grabs the dirt and holds on to it until you shake it out or rinse it off. At the same time it can remove grease and oils and leave things shining! You can use these mitts everywhere – they’re great for washing cars – boats – lawn furniture, dusting blinds – shelves – tables, clean shower stalls – sinks – car interiors, polish mirrors – windows – windshields. Anywhere you can fit your hand you can use these microfiber mitts to make fast work your cleaning chores.

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